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The Sharp/Sharpe name is not rare. In the earliest years of the American colonies, the name was found only in Virginia. The first Sharpe to arrive, who now has living descendants, was William Sharpe, who came to Virginia in 1611. Later, Sharps appeared in New England, and some Quaker Sharps arrived in West New Jersey and Pennsylvania in the late 1600s and early 1700s. The Virginia Sharp families were initially located in Henrico, Surry, New Kent, Hanover, and Spotsylvania counties, and along the waters of the Chesapeake Bay and its tidal rivers.

The use of a relatively small number of given names and the limited availability of records from the colonial years in areas where many Sharps lived make it difficult to determine which Sharp of the same name moved to another location and to distinguish sons, nephews, and cousins. This process requires painstakingly detailed research in original sources, thorough documentation of those sources, and resistance to the temptation to reach premature conclusions based on assumptions. This newsletter assists in that process. Publication has been suspended after 17 years of twice-monthly issues. It seems that interest in documenting family research has dwindled as the use of undocumented and unreliable online trees has increased. If sufficient demand for facts resumes, so will publication. Material from back issues is available and inquiries should be made by email to the address below.

SHARPE IN VIRGINIA offers subscribers hundreds of hours of professional quality genealogical research for only an annual subscription cost less than two hours of work by a professional genealogist. Published twice monthly by cypalcorp beginning in 2000, the research results are transmitted by e-mail to the subscriber with the text in an attachment formatted in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf). It provides information about Sharps (and connected families) in England and America, with the emphasis on the family groups in Virginia. The data are derived from extensive research into records on Sharp and affiliated names, and are presented from several different perspectives--geographic locality, surname, given name, and family groups--and at times references which have been encountered on a more random basis.

Emphasis is placed on original sources with proper citations from which the researcher can extract information relevant to his/her particular research. In addition, analytical outlines and articles are included.

The scope of the material includes some information on non-Virginian Sharps to help avoid confusion in tracing migration. It also extends far beyond persons with the surname Sharp. It includes material on names allied with Sharp in a variety of connections. Among these are families of Sharp spouses (and suspected spouses,) families of married Sharp daughters, families in which an unusual given name suggests an earlier connection (for example, it is probable that the mother or grandmother of Sharpe Spencer was a Sharp). Families whose members were business partners or had significant business relationships usually had some connection by blood or marriage. Also included are certain names of families who appear as close neighbors in more than one locality, indicating related migration. In many cases, the sorting of Sharps depends on a clear understanding of such extended relationships.

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